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Caboclo is Portuguese for a person with mixed indigenous Brazilian and European ancestry.  The three track EP meshes Afro-Brazilian rhythms with Chacarera (traditional Argentinian folk music), and house beats. The EP is a musical representation of Caboclo and the cultural changes taking place throughout Brazil and Latin America. 

On the opener, El Malon Del Gaucho Molina, Lagartijeando flips the traditional upbeat Brazilian rhythm, blending it with Chacarera to produce a down-tempo dreamscape to get lost in. Malandro De Boa picks up the pace with Brazilian percussion and a rambling house beat that has been moving dancefloors wherever Mati plays in South America. The closing track, Caboclo, blends classic Brazilian guitar with a house beat that will transport you straight to the beaches of Rio.

 A celebration of the changing cultures and sounds of Latin America, Caboclo is an EP rich in texture and influences where each listen brings something new.

Caboclo EP

- Lagartijeando


  1. El Malon Del Gaucho Molina

  2. Malandro De Boa

  3. Caboclo

A Spicy and colourful fusion
— Mixmag

An intriguing soundtrack to an exotic daydream
— Sounds and Colours


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MPB Caboclo Cassette Mixtape

MPB Caboclo Cassette Mixtape




MPB Caboclo Mixtape

- Lagartijeando

To celebrate the release of the Caboclo EP, Lagartijeando put together a 45 minute mix of tracks that have inspired him along the way. The mix is a journey from the more traditional to the club.

The mix is available on limited edition cassette for free exclusively when buying the Caboclo EP from the Big In Japan Bandcamp.


1 Silencio d Allah - Bilú do Paraiso
2 Ochossi - Ramiro Musotto ft. Léo Leobons
3 Malandro de boa - Lagartijeando
4 Cancion waunana - (Chancha Via Circuito remix)
5 Deixa girar - Os tincaos (Jgb remix)
6 Umbwele - Dandara
7 Snow - Ninze 
8 Corales - Klik&Frik
9 Alom - Bernstein 
10 Xaxoeira - Xique-Xique music (Nicola Cruz remix)
11 Over the hill- M.RUX