‘Mis Tierras Calientes’ is a journey through the sounds of the different regions of Colombia using a combination of synths, live instruments and poly- rhythmic drum structures throughout. Opening with the galloping, tropical bass heavy ‘Mucura’, the spectral and moody centrepiece ‘Colmado’ to the EP’s ethereal closer ‘Boni Meloni’ it captures the eclectic and free-spirited sounds of Colombia.

Mis Tierras Calientes

- Cero39


  1. Mucura

  2. Calentana

  3. Colmado

  4. Bacalao Imperial

  5. Boni Meloni

Mis Tierras Calientes, the new EP from this Bogotano duo is pure futuristic fire
— Noisey

Cero39 may have just invented cyborg tropical bass
— Remezcla