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Resistencia (Resistance), is inspired by our inescapably  saturated world of advertising, consumerism and divisive politics.  The artwork is by renowned Chilean artist Iván Navarro whose installation, ‘Homeless Lamp, The Juice Sucker’, reflects the EP’s theme of resilience and resistance in the face of adversity.

On opener Resistencia, DJ Raff samples Afro-Latin percussion and manipulates it into a bass-heavy and deeply hypnotic beat. He draws on cultural influences from his newfound home in London and meshes the beat with Indian vocal samples to create a unique meeting of cultures.  

The music of Chile is a key influence on DJ Raff’s unique sound and on Memoria (Memory) he samples the voice of the Mapuche people who are the native people of Southern Chile.  The Mapuche were the original settlers and owners of the land before they were turfed off to make way for the Spanish conquistadores. Years later, the Chilean state stole most of their ancestral lands which the Mapuche had owned for thousands of years and now they are fighting against the Chilean State to get their land back. This is DJ Raff’s electronic interpretation of a Mapuche Rhythm and their resistance.

 On Mundo Paralelo (Parallel world) he uses a more traditional Latin instrument, the marimba, combined with big bass to create that sunrise dreamscape moment and transport the listener into a parallel world away from the pervasiveness  of popular culture.

Resistencia EP

- DJ Raff

Released 16th Nov 2018


  1. Resistencia

  2. Memoria

  3. Mundo Paralelo

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Resistencia - fuego!
— Mosca