Cero 39

“One of the most engaging acts on the tropical alternative circuit.”

The Ransom Note

Cero39 are a duo from Bogotá, Colombia and their productions meld influences from Latin pop culture, Indie Reggaeton, Hip Hop and Dembow along with the flavour of ‘everyday Caribbean life’.

Widely regarded as one of Colombia’s best contemporary producers, Cero 39 have remixed some of Latin America’s most respected artists like Bomba Estereo, Lido Pimienta and ZZK record greats Fauna.

Their sound is so infections that when one of the Glastonbury festival programmers saw them play at the Bogota Music Market in 2016 they were offered a slot at the festival on the spot.


Mis Tierras Calientes

Mis Tierras Calientes



Cero 39 - Mucura


Cero39 - Boni Meloni


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